Top 10 Slots of 2019 for Real Money


The popularity of online slots is growing all the time, so we’ve decided to create a list of the best ones you can find today! We won’t focus specifically on slots that were created this year, but rather on ones you can play at the moment. For players that were looking to play slots online for real money, we’ve created a list of the top ten slots that they should try. Furthermore, the players can try each game either in free mode, or for real money.  Read these online slots real for money reviews and find out what the top 10 best games are!

Aztec’s Millions

Aztec’s Millions

The first slot on the list will give us an opportunity to visit ancient civilizations in search of treasure. The central theme of this slot is Aztec culture, and all the symbols in the game are inspired by it. 

While there are several bonus features and various ways to win free spins, that’s not the most exciting thing about this game of chance. Aztec’s Millions offers a progressive jackpot that players can win if they are lucky enough. Each time a player fails to win it, a percentage of their bet goes into the prize pool. The jackpot will continue to increase until someone is fortunate enough to win it. When this happens, it will reset to its starting amount, which is one million. 

It is easy to understand why Aztec’s Millions is among the most popular and most played slots in online casinos. The visuals in the game are incredible, and the very idea that you can become a millionaire by playing is exciting, and it will be difficult not to take your chances. 

Cleopatra’s Gold

Cleopatra’s Gold

While there are a lot of online casino games with ancient Egypt as the central theme, not all of them are as good as Cleopatra’s Gold. Similarly to the previous game, this one also gives you the chance to win a progressive jackpot. 

The central theme of this slot is a well-known ruler of ancient Egypt. All of the symbols in the game are inspired by the culture and mythology of this ancient kingdom. You can see the Eye of Horus, the scarabs, goddess Bastet, the ankh, and so on. 

Naturally, the player can pick the coin size and number of paylines they want to have active during the game. Furthermore, there are additional bonus rounds that give you an opportunity to win multipliers and free spins. Of course, the most exciting part of the game is the chance of winning a progressive jackpot. Overall, this masterpiece offers you a classic vibe, while still giving you some modern options and incredible rewards! So there’s no doubt why Cleopatra’s Gold remains among the most popular slots on the market. 

Bubble Bubble 2

Bubble Bubble 2

The second you start playing Bubble Bubble 2, you’ll understand why this is among the most popular slots on the market. The game’s visuals are incredible, and it’s very clear that RTG have gone the extra mile to create a real masterpiece. Furthermore, the symbols in this game perfectly fit the whole theme of the game. 

The main inspiration for the slot is witches and magic. There are two witches, Winnie and Wanda, who are going to follow you on your adventure. The witch sisters will act as wild symbols, and they will expand on the whole reel whenever they appear! Other symbols in the game are ingredients for potions, owls, hats, spellbooks, and of course, black cats. 

Even though there isn’t a progressive jackpot in Bubble Bubble 2, the slot more than makes up for it with a win-win feature, which guarantees a prize if you win less than 10x your original bet during the bonus round.

Cirque du Slots

Cirque du Slots

Since there are so many different slots available in the world of online gaming, Rival have decided to create something really different and unique. Cirque du Slots is an i-Slot. Rival’s i-Slots are interactive games that allow players to follow a narrative by collecting symbols. 

The central theme of this game is circus life. Cirque du Slots offers three acts, and players will have to collect three or more unicycles if they want to proceed to the next one. Naturally, there are bonuses, rewards, and free spins that players can win if they are fortunate enough. 

Among the most exciting things here is that during the bonus rounds, wild symbols have a chance of expanding both horizontally and vertically, which is not something that you see very often. Finally, in the third act, wilds will expand both horizontally and vertically, which can result in big wins! 

The graphics in this game are stunning; and if you check this slot out, you’ll understand why! Rival are among the best game developers in the industry.

Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper

Another one of Rival’s charming slot games is Fixer Upper. Here, you will help a couple build their dream house. All of the symbols in the game are tools that will help you along the way. With each winning combination, you will be one step closer to finishing their dream home. 

The symbols in this lovely game are a saw, paint buckets, various tools, and the main characters. The visuals are cartoonish, which makes the whole renovation even more fun! 

If the player collects three or more wrenches, they will trigger a bonus round. Besides, during the bonus, they will find themselves in the basement, testing their plumbing skills. Gamblers will have to replace the rusty pipes, to increase the value of their house and earn a coin for themselves along the way. If you fix pipelines in the basement, the next bonus feature will require you to paint the walls, and you’ll need three or more buckets to start the round. Every time you finish the round, the next one will be different.

Fixer Upper is an excellent game with a DIY vibe and a fun bonus minigame, which is unlike anything you’ve seen in any other slots. It’s a great slot for everyone looking to win money while still having some great fun! 

Cash Bandits 2

For all those players out there who love their heist movies, Cash Bandits 2 is a perfect choice. The game is a sequel to the slot of the same name, and the story follows a team of bandits breaking into a bank. 

All of the symbols in this game are based on the central theme itself, so there are police officers, handcuffs, bags of cash, the key to the vault, and others. And as with so many other similar slots, the most exciting part is the bonus feature. When the bonus starts, the player has to try to break into five safes. The first one has one number as a combination; the second one has two, and so on. The player will get up to five chances. If they correctly guess the numbers on the safe, it will finally open up, to reveal the prize the player has won. 

All in all, Cash Bandits 2 is an incredible game with gorgeous graphics and impressive rewards. All the player has to do is open the vaults, so they can eventually claim some truly unbelievable rewards. 

Cosmic Quest

Ever hoped of going to space? Well with Cosmic Quest, you’ll get an opportunity to do just that! Join the party of space travelers and earn prizes. The symbols in the Cosmic Quest slot are the essentials you’ll need in order to survive this important mission.

There are satellites, food tubes and space guns; while your company might be a scatter, in the form of a space monkey! There are many slots that you can play for real money in casinos, but Cosmic Quest still manages to add something unique and fun. And even though the visuals in the game are cartoonish, they only serve to enhance the experience.

So if you’re lucky enough, you can win a lot by playing this game! There are twenty paylines, plus a variety of coin sizes that make this slot exciting for both high rollers and casual gamblers. 


Not only will you be able to join the Gold Rush if you play PayDirt, but you might also be able to take some of the valuables with you. All of the symbols in this slot are inspired by the Gold Rush; and there are carts aplenty too, full to the brim with gold, nuggets, dynamite, tools, and others. There are also bandits that are trying to steal the money from the miners.

If the player collects three or more scatter symbols, they’ll get a chance to pick one of the three possible features. Each feature will award a different number of free spins, along with a bonus multiplier. But of course, that’s not all! PayDirt also offers a progressive jackpot that can be triggered at the end of each round, regardless of whether the player got a winning combination or not. 

Cartoonish graphics add to the overall quality of the slot; and the fact that you can still win the progressive jackpot, even if you fail to win, is more than impressive! 

Aladdin’s Wishes

Aladdin’s Wishes

We all know and love that story about a magic lamp, and now, you will get an opportunity to make your wishes come true. The symbols in this slot are magic carpets, monkeys, genies, swords, and others that perfectly fit with the magical world of Aladdin.

One of the most rewarding parts of the game is possibly a certain bonus feature. Here, the player will have to pick one of the magic lamps, and while each of them will reveal a prize, the one with the genie is going to provide the best reward of all! 

Aladdin’s Wishes is a perfect slot for everyone who loves the original story; and it’s no wonder many players claim this slot is their favorite! 

As the Reels Turn

Another i-Slot by Rival that shows why they are among the very best developers in the industry. As the Reels Turn is the first in a trilogy of games that offers you a chance to fully experience and embrace casino life. This slot provides everything from crime bosses to Elvis impersonators. Furthermore, the slot is interactive, which means that you will have to play if you actually want to unravel the entire story.

Among the most exciting aspects of this title is that you’re almost going to feel like you’re watching a TV show. The characters, graphics, and story are all incredible, and the best thing is that you can win some great money if you’re lucky enough.

Finally, there are several bonus features that will allow you to win free spins and multipliers, and ultimately proceed to the next part of the story. So if you were looking for a thrilling slot with incredible rewards and an exciting story, As the Reels Turn might be the perfect one for you.


If you wanted to play online slots for real money, you can find the ones we mentioned above, from a large range of gambling websites. We hope this list will serve you well and that you’re really going to enjoy playing games online.