Privacy Policy

What is is a website that provides essential information and reviews for the various online gambling websites and games they offer.

Personal Data


Whenever a user writes a comment, we will collect and save the data that the user entered into the comment field. Molkos Games will also save the users’ IP addresses and browser’s user agents. This is done in order to detect and avoid spam. The company might send an encrypted string or hash that we’ve obtained from the user’s email address to Gravatar, in order to ensure that the user is using the script. Finally, the comments must receive approval by the staff of Molkos Games before it can finally be seen on the website. As soon as our staff members approve the comment, it will become public, along with your Gravatar picture.


If the user uploads an image to, they should remove any personal data from their files, such as EXIF or GPS tags, to ensure that their personal information can’t be misused. The reason for this is that any user is able to visit the website and extract info from one of your images. 

Contact Address 

If a user contacts us by using the contact field, we will record the email address that the user has used, along with their question. We will not use email addresses to send promotional messages or advertising, and the address is used only for replies.

Cookie Policy

Our users can opt to save certain details in the cookies, each time they post comments: e.g. email addresses, websites, and their names. If the user opts to use cookies, they will last up to one year. If the user saves their info in the cookies, they will not have to provide the information again. But if the user registers an account on our website, and they log in, the website will use a temporary cookie. This temporary cookie is used to test if the browser can save cookies. There won’t be any personal information on the cookie, and the cookie itself will be deleted as soon as the user closes their browser.

After the user logs in, the website will create some cookies that are able to save the user’s login details. These cookies are stored for the next forty-eight hours, and cookies will also save screen display settings. The later ones will be deleted after one year. If the user opts to use the “remember me” option, the cookies will remain for fourteen days. If the user logs out, the website will automatically remove these cookies. 

If the user writes or edits articles on our site, they will receive another cookie. This cookie will last for twenty-four hours, and it won’t store any personal information. It is used to identify the page the user has created or edited. 

Embedded Content

Some articles on may contain embedded content. This content can be images, videos, texts, and others that come from other websites. Embedded content on our website works the same way as if the user was visiting that other site where the content was originally posted. Other websites that own the content embedded on our website may also collect data, save cookies, and monitor user activity. If it turns out that the user is also a member of those other websites, the websites can track and monitor their activity as well. respects the privacy and private information of our users, and we will not share any personal data with any other websites or third parties.

How Long Will Data Stay on Our Website

If the user posts a comment on our website, that comment will remain indefinitely. Furthermore, the data regarding that comment will also remain indefinitely. The reason for keeping such data is to ensure that the user can post additional comments without delays or any waiting period. 

If the user signs up to our website, we will store any information they provide. The user can still modify and change any personal details as they see fit. However, the user won’t be able to change their username. The administrators of our website can see and change these details. 

User Rights

If the user posts a comment on our website, they can request to obtain any and all data we have stored about them. Furthermore, the user can also ask us to remove all the personal data we have stored. However, any data that we have stored for legal or administrative reasons cannot be deleted. 

Do We Use Your Personal Data?

In rare cases, we might use an automated service to check for spam in our users’ comments. 


Our website uses SSL encryption, in order to protect all your data and personal information. There are also various security algorithms to ensure the maximum safety of our data.

Even though our team has both the right and the permission to inspect user data, we are obligated by our legal contracts to keep all data private.

Procedure for Data Breach

If it so happens that our data is compromised, or if there is a breach, we will inform all users and visitors and stop all activities on our website. If any user feels threatened or insecure, they can request that we delete their data. 

Third Party

Our site uses the WordPress service, since it helps us track the statistics of our website; like the number of visits, for example. We will not collect data from third parties, and we will not share any of our users’ personal information with third parties. only uses user data to improve the quality of our content and marketing communication.