How to Play Online Slots to Win Real Money


Most beginners make one common mistake — they think that playing slots is simply as easy as pressing the Spin button over and over again, and hoping that luck will be on their side. On the one hand, that’s the simplest explanation of the slots; and although it’s true, it’s not really all there is to the slots. Now on the other hand, veterans of this game with years of experience under their belt are not going to agree with such a statement.

Instead, they’re going to tell you how there are actually quite a lot of factors that go into the gameplay of online slots, especially if you wish to win real money. So, what’s the truth here? Actually, both viewpoints are somewhat correct. Yes, slots do only require you to sit down and press the Spin button; it doesn’t matter if you play at an online casino or a land-based one. But that said, there are many variables that do affect the gameplay of slots.

We figure that people who play with the intention of winning money don’t want to rely on pure luck and chance. They’re not really playing and hoping to just win a bit of pocket money from time to time — they want to win big and often! So, is there anything we can do to increase our odds of winning, even if only slightly? Well, read on to find out more about some tips for playing online slots for real money.

Increase Your Odds With These Online Slot Tips

Let’s start off by saying that slots work based on a Random Number Generator software, which is pretty much self-explanatory! So basically, you either get lucky, or you don’t.

However, researching and getting informed on as many details as you can that go into the inner-workings of any slot will help you play smarter and be more confident. So let’s have a little look at some of the things you can control, which are going to help you increase your chances of a lucrative win.

  • Use the No-Deposit Bonuses as Much as You Can

This is probably the best, most direct approach for you to acquire real money without having to spend your own first. This can basically be seen as free money, so make sure you use the opportunity whenever the casino offers you some no-deposit bonuses; and then play whichever slots they include! This way, you are starting from zero and can only get in a positive balance.

However, keep in mind that should you ever make a substantial win, the casino is going to require you to make at least one deposit in order to cash out.

  • Check Out the Competitors Sites

Don’t just focus on one online casino and miss out on potentially better offers. Browse a little instead, and you’ll then realize how casinos fight with each other in order to attract as many players as they can. And how are they gonna attract them? By offering as many free games as they possibly can!

That includes Free Spins, bonuses, best wagering requirements, and more. What many players don’t know is that you should look for those casinos that don’t have a maximum cashout. The best option is when they don’t place any limits at all on the amount you can withdraw. Especially when the winnings are coming from your bonuses!

  • Look for Loose Slots –– the Ones That Payout More Frequently

You might be wondering what a loose slot is, right?  Well, if you happen to be an old school player, you’ll already know how mechanical slots used to work, and what it meant when they had a defect. It made the slot loose, and more likely to pay out often!

This can’t actually be translated into today’s online video slots. However, you could pay attention to the slots that pay out frequently anyway. It doesn’t really mean that the slot is loose; but you can still see the connection.

  • Take Advantage of the Free Spins

As we mentioned earlier, in the highly competitive world of online gambling, everything revolves around attracting the clientele. So one of the ways in which casinos are opting out on luring the players in are the Free Spins!

This is a great chance that you should take advantage of, since you’ll basically be playing for free! But in addition to that, just see the Free Spins as an opportunity to test the slot for when you want to play with real money. Something like playing in demo mode.

  • Should You Wager a Maximum Bet?

Most of the casinos will tell you that the best way to bet is to “bet max.” The logic behind this statement is reasonable, and it’s related to the number of paylines; and cashing out big, since there are multiple line wins!

On the other hand, don’t forget the fact that slots work on the Random Number Generator software; so literally everything is random here! Of course, playing on more paylines might increase your chances of a bigger win, but there’s still no guarantee for that! However, betting with a maximum amount is going to make your odds of winning a progressive jackpot go up.

  • Special Bonus Offers

One great thing that can help you boost your bankroll is getting the best out of casino bonuses. Online casinos have realized how their bonuses attract players; so they’ve started using them as the main weapon in their fight with their competitors!

If you’ve ever visited an online casino, you must have seen that there are always several bonus offers. So you could find daily bonuses, weekly bonuses, special offers promoting new games, and even bonuses that welcome you back after you’ve been away for a while.

Some offers can be extremely generous, so do make sure you’re informed about every detail about bonus terms, as well as any of the emails and texts you might get from the casino! Because knowing how to get the best out of the bonuses can be extremely helpful and lucrative.

  • Start by Playing for Free

Before finally going all in and immediately putting your money in a slot, start by trying free slots. That is probably the most natural order for you to begin playing; especially if you’ve never tried slots before. It’s essentially a way of testing the water before going in.

Free slots don’t put any pressure on you to win, because you didn’t bet any money in the first place anyway! They just offer you a perfect opportunity to fully enjoy your game, while also getting an objective feel for the game’s frequency of payouts, the value of different symbols, number of lines you can bet on, etc.

Maybe you’ll find out that you didn’t actually want to play real money slots; but at least you tried, and had fun while doing it!


Now that we’ve given you a bit of insight into how to win at online slots for real money, we hope you’re going to visit an online casino with as much confidence as you can possibly bring to it! You’re probably aware of the fact that there’s not much you can do about it, and that it all comes down to luck and chance. However, even just knowing what exactly happens behind a slot machine, and also knowing your odds, will still help you get the best out of it!

Finally, the whole point of playing slots is to be entertained and to have some fun. Winning money is the second best thing about them, but that’s something which can’t really be controlled or affected in any way! That being said, what you can control is the amount of knowledge you go into the casino. The more you know, the less chance anyone has to scam you or trick you, and so you have more confidence.

Ultimately, by having more confidence, you will be able to relax and enjoy the fun part of the slots! The money may or may not come; but at least you’ve tried everything you can with those things that are up to you!


How do you pick a winning slot machine?

You can’t really tell which slot machine is the winning one. Everything about the slots is random. However, you can choose a safe and reputable online casino that utilizes trustworthy providers. You can also read up on other players’ reviews and comments about certain slots, and then decide which one you think is going to be your lucky slot.

How can I increase my chances of winning at a casino?

There are a couple of things you should pay attention to that might increase your odds: RTP, volatility, slot’s minimum, and maximum bet sizes, and choosing a slot with a progressive jackpot!

What are the best online slots to play?

There are so many good video slots around today. It would be impossible to mention them all, but you can certainly try and search for casinos that utilize games from some of the best providers out there: such as RealTime Gaming, Rival, Betsoft, Microgaming, and more!